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  • 100 L rotary evaporator

Supercritical CO2 systems, Secondary processing

100 L rotary evaporator with electronic PLC control

RP100F is a rotary evaporator designed for industrial production facilty. It satisfies all process requirements, allowing
the treatment of aggressive substances since all parts in contact with the product are made in borosilicate
glass and PTFE. The instrument operates both in conditions of atmospheric pressure than vacuum. The rotation
of the 100-liter flask inside the thermostatic bath allows homogeneous distribution and forced convection of the
product inside, avoiding the sedimentation of the product itself; it also guarantees a high level heat exchange
surface. The vacuum sealing system made of self-lubricating material guarantees a perfect fit seal without the
need to use gaskets and, consequently, with no need for maintenance over time.

Main features
• 100 flask
• Vacuum: up to 5 mbar
• Distillation
• Crystallization
• Reflux process reactions


• 0 to 150° C, +/- 2° C
• Level sensor, temp. sensor
• Temperature set point
• 7” touch screen

Technical features

• Motor: 400/50 or 208/60 , 3ph
• CE certified
• Power: 11 kW
• Size: 183 x 890 x 210 cm
• PID control

100 L rotary evaporator

  • Brand: SEPARECO
  • Product Code: Evaporador rotativo de 100 L RP100F
  • Availability: In Stock