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  • Sistema de descarboxilación
Decarboxylation system, pro series
Forced air decarboxylation oven
This drying oven uses heated air to remove unwanted compounds from products that are not temperature sensitive. Our ovens are equipped with a horizontal air flow which allows a more uniform air distribution. They are designed to have uniform temperatures and air flow in the shelf space from right to left. Includes a built-in humidity sensor. Indicated for the decarboxylation of powders or ground material.
• The patented system of forced air flow in the
chamber guarantees a temperature profile
homogeneous for all drying processes,
heating and sterilization of materials in
processing workshops.
• High operating comfort, regulation
precise temperature and short recovery times
of the temperature in the chamber after opening the
• Greater speed and accuracy of all
Hardening procedures ensures operation
cheap; especially suitable for high-grade materials
humidity, for demanding and accurate tests and processes.
• Standard model with control system a
fuzzy logic microprocessor; control elements
located on a film keyboard, information of
process indicated on an LED display.
• Total volume: 700 Liters
• Maximum loadable weight: 130 kg
• Adjustable temperature from + 10 ° to + 250 ° C
• Forced convection drying on an industrial scale
• Decarboxylation processes
• Drying of organic material. The most material
dry will produce better results than processing
of wet material. Particularly suitable for the decarboxylation process of pre-dried material.
• Dimension: 790 x 52 h: 1160 mm

Sistema de descarboxilación

  • Brand: SEPARECO
  • Product Code: FAF-7
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