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  • Sistema de secado a baja temperatura


Low temperature drying system
Cold dryer water extraction and terpene recovery

Cold drying technology, up to 1000/1500 kg per cycle, around 70 liters of water extracted per hr, around 1500 liters in 24 hr. Drying air temperature from 10° to 20° C max. Ideal for small to medium and big production.
The liquids coming from raw material dehumidification are relevant since their noble fractions can be easily recovered for further treatment. Better organoleptic features, assure a superior product.

Low temperature dryer

Low temperature drying technology do not damage the
noble fractions like terpenes extracted with the water.
Terpenes can be easily recovered with a post treatment.

Low energy consumption
Unlike standard heating drying procedure, cold dryers
save around 70% of the electrical power. Installed power
is 28 kW while average consumption is 23 kW.

Size and power
Chiller unit (WxPxH): 168 x 208 x 190 cm
Power connection: 400/480 V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz
Box unit (WxPxH): 2 x 195 x 193 x 190 cm

The cold drying system

The drying process is the most natural method to preserve food.
It well preserves most of enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts and if performed at lower temperatures it creates superior final products. This technology is based on cooling systems, which refrigerate air, dehydrate and heat it up to the temperature from 10° to 20° C with a 5/6% residual humidity. This process allows the rapid drying of your food products and keeps unaltered the phyto complex aroma, color and composition.

Sistema de secado a baja temperatura

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