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Model. F-150G

The servo soft capsule machine model F-150G, is a fully automatic machine for producing soft capsules. It is driven by servo motors and provides a good solution for mass production with a production speed of 6 RPM.

Filling volume adjustment and zero-point setting for each die roll are precisely controlled by servo motors based on the set values of touch-screen. Its PLC touch-screen monitor provides an effective production management.


F 150G X 850X F 150G X 850 datos

 1 Die Roll Housing

Part for soft capsule forming, filling, sealing & cutting. Automatic zeropoint alignment & injection timing control by servo motor with touchscreen.


2 Feeding Device & Hopper


12 piston nozzles on left & right side each, for an exact feeding of filling material into the wedge.

Feeding device is driven by servo motor for a precise filling volumen adjustment, based on the set values of touch-screen.

* Hopper Heater: 300W x 2, double jacket, impeller included


3 Spreader Box


Automatic gelatin material level control by sensor & cylinder system.


4 Lubrication Rollers(6) & Guide Rollers(4)


Horizontal position type rollers. Oil volume is controlled by FMI pumps.


5 Drum


Ribbon-forming station. Equipped with air blower filters, water cooling system, and built-in type chiller.


  • Brand: CUBE GEL
  • Product Code: Model. F-150G
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