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Model S-1


Is a perfect solution for your R&D of seamless capsule, even with just one single achine.

Seamless capsules, a type of soft capsule, are made by utilizing the principle of interfacial tension of liquid.

The capsules consist of one single shape - sphere, due to their method of manufacture, but literally, they are “seamless,” since they have no sealing line on their surface. A seamless capsule can preserve the active ingredient of its contents until just before use, and prevent the content’s odor from leaking out. Furthermore, unlike other types of capsules, a seamless capsule can be produced using more various kinds of material such as gelatin, agar, or vegetable material.

Model S1

Model S1 DATOS


   Two Gear-pumping System

Pumping the material by servo motor’s control from each hopper (shell & filling) to vibrator nozzle.

2 Vibrating System

Vibrating for cutting & dropping the material for seamless capsules. Product varies according to the speed & position of the vibrator.

3 Double-layer Nozzle System

Nozzle for forming seamless capsules. Its 2 (inner & outer) layers lead to produce seamless capsules.


  • Brand: CUBE GEL
  • Product Code: Model S-1
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